An Earthbound game engine for The Godot Engine


MODOT is an upcoming open-sourced Earthbound game engine powered by GODOT which started development back in september of 2021,
currently its not finished yet , I need to finish coding some mechanics and systems before releasing it, so a late 2021/early 2022 release date is possible for the project, no promises tho.
The goal of this project is to allow Fans to create Fangames much more easily

Implemented features

Party system and dead ones showing their ghost sprites
Overworld movement & running
Talking to NPCS
Easily customizable battle system
Battle Backgrounds
Writing text and modfying enemies and items or making new ones are easier thanks to JSON
Debug Menu
Overworld Enemies
Inventory system

Currently being/going to be Implemented

Functional battle system
PSI in overworld

Games using MODOT

  • Mother: Encore

    MOTHER: Encore

  • Mother: Roots

    MOTHER: Roots

  • Earthbound Recast

    Earthbound Recast




Coming soon...